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The NSLA offers an annual national conference, as well as regional workshops and training in various aspects of the operation and leadership of sober living homes.

Overseeing the operation of a sober living home presents challenges that aren’t obvious to the casual observer or to the hopeful entrepreneur. Too many people open sober living homes without adequate preparation and training. That can cause great harm to vulnerable residents struggling to stay clean and sober. To be successful, you need a broader set of skills than is required in most businesses and NSLA can help you with that success. The successful operation of sober living requires skill and training. Like many businesses, it’s easy to make mistakes through lack of knowledge and preparation—mistakes that can have serious financial consequences and can cause harm to individuals at risk who are dependent on safe, supportive and well-managed sober living. The NSLA offers training for operators, managers and those interested in opening sober living homes. Our training offers participants a chance to learn about the best practices employed today, and to interact with others facing similar challenges. Our instructors have extensive experience in the field. We’re dedicated to maintaining high standards of professionalism, and offer these workshops as one way of promoting excellence in sober living operation and management.

All conferences, training and workshops are open to anyone in the community.