Membership Benefits

If you own/operate an abstinence, 12 Step based, quality sober living home, you are eligible for membership in the National Sober Living Association. Membership identifies your sober living houses as being safe, clean, well-managed and ethical. Members also share in the decades of collective experience of some of the best sober living providers today. Members have the means to stay current with best practices nationwide. They are informed about legal and regulatory events affecting their operations and the lives of the recovering individuals they serve.

Membership Benefits (PDF)

With membership to the National Sober Living Association each member receives the following:

* Website – Member homes listed on the NSLA website
*  NSLA provides referrals and information about your homes to potential residents

Discount Drug Tests – 12 Panel PreScreen Plus Dip Card Drug Test ($2.95)

Sober Living Attorney – One Hour Free Consultation with Attorney regarding Sober Living/housing issues. Reduced hourly rate if retained.

* Advertising – The NSLA has a strong social media presence
* Will promote member’s special events on NSLA Facebook page
* Places ads in recovery publications and recovery event programs
* Maintains up to date NSLA website featuring members

* Annual NSLA conference
* Free regional training/workshops
* Quarterly e-newsletter

Credibility & Respect

* Quality Standards – NSLA members enjoy a positive and highly respected reputation as quality sober living housing providers. Member homes are known to have met the requirements set by the NSLA.
* Inspections – The quality of member homes is assured through yearly inspections.
* Ethical – Member operators and staff sign a Code of Ethics governing conduct toward each other and their residents.
* Quality – Member homes stand out from non-member homes not governed by any set standard of quality.
* Certification – Various legal jurisdictions and service providers recognize the value in referring clients to NSLA certified homes.

* The NSLA actively monitors political and legal issues that affect sober living homes.
*The NSLA acts as informed advocate on sober living and recovery issues, and has standing to be heard before legislative, judicial and executive branches of government.

* Access via phone and email to one on one mentorship
* Networking opportunities with other sober living operators.

Access to Affordable Sober Living Insurance

Membership Benefits

Membership Requirements

Membership Application

NSLA Code of Ethics -PDF

NSLA Network Inspection Checklist