Membership Requirements


If you own or operate a quality 12 Step, abstinence-based recovery & sober living homes, you are eligible for membership in the NSLA. Membership identifies your sober living homes as being safe, clean, well-managed and ethical.

Applicants should prepare their membership material first, then complete the application form and pay membership dues. Once application and payment have been received the applicant will be contacted to set up an appointment for inspection. Ensure that your house is fully prepared to meet the NSLA’s health, safety and management requirements, described below.

Following a successful inspection, the Board of NSLA will identify your house as healthy, safe, well managed and ethical. Once you have met all the membership requirements and inspection, your house will be placed on the NSLA website, receive referral services and a membership certificate will be issued. The following are the membership requirements.

Complete the membership application and meet the membership requirements:

1. If sober living house is an (zero tolerance) alcohol and drug free environment, is abstinence and 12 Step based, it is eligible for membership in the National Sober Living Association.

2. Sober living house only accepts and accommodates people recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

3. Sober living house requires applicants to participate in a 12 Step program of recovery.

4. Assure that all involved in the sober living house operations/management complete the NSLA training within 1 year of membership application.

5. All owners and managers must sign and abide by the NSLA Code of Ethics.

6. Have a current general liability insurance coverage policy.

7. Pay membership dues, attend annual NSLA conference.

Membership Benefits

Membership Requirements

Membership Application

NSLA Code of Ethics -PDF

NSLA Network Inspection Checklist