NSLA Network Inspection Checklist


Below are the questions the NSLA inspectors will be asking when they review your home. Make sure your home is fully prepared prior to the inspection date.


Every place in the home must be clean, well maintained and free of pest infestation, fire or safety hazards. Below are a few examples of items to look for:

1. Any signs of roach, ant or other pest infestation problems.

2. Kitchen and appliances clean and well maintained.

3. At least one refrigerator for every six (6) residents.

4. Adequate and clean food storage space provided.

5. No clutter, piles of newspapers, clothes or other stored materials creating a fire or safety hazard.

6. Bathrooms are clean and orderly. No personal hygiene items in shower or bath areas.

7. Six (6) or fewer residents share a bathroom.

8. The furniture and furnishing are clean and of reasonable quality.

9. All sleeping rooms provide all residents with adequate space and storage.


Home must meet basic safety requirements. Below are a few examples of items to look for:

1. Smoke detectors in every sleeping room and kitchen.

2. A fire extinguisher must be placed 6 to 8 feet from stove and between 4 to 5 feet from the floor.

3. A fire extinguisher on all levels of the house, 4 to 6 feet from the floor.

4. A carbon monoxide detector installed on each level of the house.

5. Properly identified exits properly identified in case of emergencies.

6. The property address on the front of the house clearly visible from the street.

7. The home address, emergency and utility phone numbers are posted in a highly visible location for residents.

8. No smoking allowed inside the houses.

9. Smoking is prohibited in any areas that could be considered a fire hazard or a problem for neighbors. The smoking areas have approved safety disposal containers for smoking materials

10. The home and any other permanent structures meet building and safety codes.

11. The house and grounds are well kept and consistent with the quality of the neighborhood.


1. The owner and house leader/manager has completed the NSLA Training workshop within 1 year of submitting application and has certification from the NSLA or other accepted sober living training (individual review of completed training by NSLA Board).

2. There is a clear and concise description of the rules and regulations of the home

3. There are clear acceptance criteria for all applicants

4. There is a Personal Data Information Sheet for each applicant and resident with emergency contact numbers

5. Every resident/household member has signed a household agreement that covers all the rules.

6. The home has a General Liability Coverage policy

7. All owners, managers/leaders signed the Code of Ethics.

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