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Join other quality sober living homes which are demonstrating that sober living homes are highly effective in recovery, and are healthy, safe and ethical.

The National Sober Living Association of accepts applications from abstinence and 12 Step based, sober living homes and recovery centers interested in being a member. Together we can better influence the future of sober living. Since sober living homes are largely unregulated it is vital that we as an industry remain vigilant in self-policing to ensure the high quality and standards of sober living homes are maintained. There is no guarantee that Federal or State will not attempt to regulate sober living homes and these regulation complications will be better avoided if sober living homes join together as a trade association with high quality control.

Federal and State Alcohol and Drug authorities are recognizing more and more that Sober Living Homes are an essential part of the recovery community. If you would like to be a part of the National Sober Living Association, the following steps will help ensure that your sober living home meets basic quality guidelines.

1. Review the Membership Requirements and Code of Ethics.

2. Within one year of membership, at least one owner and/or house manager must attend and complete a one day training for NSLA certification. Dates of training are available under Events tab on this website.

3.  Prepare your sober living home for inspection using the Pre-Inspection Checklist.

4. Have the following paperwork together and ready to give to the inspector:

a. Copies of training certificate (or planned attendance date)

b. Copy of personal liability insurance policy

c. Signed code of ethics by all owner and house managers

d. A copy of form/application or process used for intake of residents

e. Information page on your home

f. The $150 annual application fee per house (up to 5 houses, all additional houses are waived in)  payable to the National Sober Living Association

5. Call for an inspection appointment: (701) 516-2912.

6. The NSLA Inspector will give your application and all paperwork to the Executive Director who will then notify you if any changes need to be made in your paperwork or actual house. Once any needed corrections have been made and verified, the Association will add approved homes to the website and provide a Member Certificate. This process may take 30 – 60 days, longer if corrections need to be made or if your home was not ready for the first inspection and follow up inspections is required. If your home needs to be re-inspected due to non-compliance of standards, you are required to pay travel expenses for each follow up visit.

7. Members are required to send one employee/manager to attend the NSLA annual meeting. If you miss 2 consecutive annual conferences you will automatically be removed from membership and required to complete the application process over again. The dates, times and location of the annual Association conference, as well as all optional board meetings, trainings and workshops will be posted on the website under Upcoming Events.

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